What's Goin' On

After a referral from Paul Davis (Calleri Casting) I was brought in for, and cast as, one of the leads in the upcoming Web Series O.T.P. (One True Pairing). The cast also includes Laura Jordan, Jonathan Groff, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Cody, and Remy Zaken. We're in post production on the first three episodes and are developing another four now! A couple behind the scenes shots below.

Day 5 of filming at a home in Brooklyn.

Monitor shot from day 3 of filming.

With O.T.P. writer and Co-Star Laura Jordan  - filming at NY Comic Con.

I won Best Supporting Actor at the 48 Hour Film Festival for my role in the short Good Fortune! The film also won Best Actor, Best Musical Score, and was the runner up for Best Film! Our assigned theme was "Silent Film". Check it out below!
Check out these Behind The Scenes interviews I did with fellow cast members to promote Detours - the feature film I'm shooting this fall with Tara Westwood, Paul Sorvino, Richard Kind, Michael Cerveris, Phyllis Somerville, Kim Director, Betsy Aidem, and many others! Very excited!

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